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Meet Brigitte Slaats

Brigitte Slaats

Brigitte, how long have you worked in the Syngenta Seedcare team?

After obtaining my PhD in Agricultural Sciences at the University of Bonn, Germany, I started working for Syngenta Seedcare as a postdoc launching a new nematicide research program in 2007. Soon after, I became Team Leader not only for Seedcare Nematicides but also Insecticides Research. After spending more than a decade in Research Biology, I joined the Crop Protection Marketing Team as the Seedcare Technical Expert for the Northern European Territory (NET) in June 2018.

 Can you briefly describe your work in Seedcare?

In my previous research role, my team applied advanced science technologies to identify next generation active ingredients. We were striving to find comparable performance to our commercially available Seedcare products but with a more favorable environmental and/or human safety profile.

Over the years, thanks to a vast range of achievements, the Syngenta Seedcare pipeline has become one of the richest in the industry. So as a scientist with a deep understanding of seed treatment R&D and products, I’m looking forward very much to continuing to drive innovative product concepts for Seedcare but in my new role as Seedcare Technical Expert. The Seedcare Marketing Manager for NET and I are a kind of ‘dynamic duo’. Our vision is to become the center of marketing expertise and portfolio strategy for Seedcare NET.

What excites you the most about working for Seedcare?

In my new territory role, I’m privileged to be working with a diverse range of talents in Global and Regional Seedcare Marketing, R&D, Commercial Operations, Commercial Unit Marketing and Technical Support. I find working with passionate colleagues both ‘above’ and ‘in territory’ and collaborating with these extraordinary and diverse teams very enriching.

Tell us a little about yourself?

Being raised in the US and Germany by Dutch parents has definitely provided me with a multicultural background and a deep interest in cultures across the globe.

In my spare time, you’ll almost never find me at home but out and about with my family experiencing the vast amount of activities Basel and its surroundings have to offer young families. Needless to say, I enjoy diversity in my job as well as in my spare time.

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