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Meet Craig Thompson

Craig Thompson

How long have you worked in the Syngenta Seedcare team?

I’ve worked in the Seedcare team for three years now, starting in Australia and now based in Singapore. Since joining Syngenta 11 years ago, I’ve also held marketing roles with a focus on Cereals, Specialty Crops and Vegetable Seeds.

Can you briefly describe your work in Seedcare?

In Asia Pacific, farmers and seed companies are actively seeking new technologies to improve the reliability and output of their crops. My role is to ensure the significant investments we are making to expand our product range are aligned with these needs, so our new and innovative Seedcare products can be used to increase yield and quality across a range of crops.

I am also responsible for co-ordinating activities with our APAC key account customers and involved with the expansion of our Seedcare Institute network to new locations, boosting the level of service and application advice we can provide to customers.

What excites you the most about working for Seedcare?

As an Agronomist, I get most excited by seeing the tangible benefits our products make to farmers’ crops, lifting yields, quality and the reliability of returns. For millions of smallholder farmers in Asia, this can be life changing, by securing food for the family and finances to educate children or improve living conditions.

Tell us a little about yourself?

It’s a bit of a stereotype……I’m a Kiwi (New Zealander) who grew up on a Kiwifruit Orchard.  This gave me a strong affinity to farming and my career has remained close to Agriculture.

Coming from a country with much open space, I enjoy exploring the outdoors and spend much of my leisure time mountain biking, road cycling, wakeboarding or snowboarding.

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