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Seed Treatment Fungicides

Fungicide seed treatments protect the plant from an early stage against seed-, soil- and air-borne diseases. Syngenta Seedcare has a broad range of products that can help you give your plant the best start.

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Sets the standard for systemic disease control at very low rates for optimum starts...


Superior seed treatment for intensive cereals


Superior seed treatment for intensive cereals


Broad–spectrum systemic fungicide providing improved protection against seed and seed-...


Superior fungicide seed treatment for non-cereals


A powerful seed applied fungicide for Downy Mildew prevention and an effective brick...


In addition to broad spectrum disease control, it offers unique RootingPower™ that...

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Stress Management

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Important: Use seed treatment products safely. Always read the label and product information before use. Referenced products are registered for use in certain countries and national label instructions have to be read and followed; please check with your local regulatory authority for further information.