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Meet John Wells

John Wells

How long have you worked in the Syngenta Seedcare team?

I have worked in Seedcare since 2016.

Can you briefly describe your work in Seedcare?

I have worked primarily on the Application team at The Seedcare Institute in the United States. I have worked with large accounts on recipe developments and operational recipes in corn, cotton, soybean, and cereals. I now primarily work with the downstream market and assisting our Golden Harvest seed advisors and retail chains. I have also worked a lot with our digital platform, the Seedcare Resource Center, and its transition to a more comprehensive platform to bring an enhanced level of service to our customers.

What excites you the most about working for Seedcare?

The passions for innovation and service have been really exciting. Not only is our team committed to delivering the best active ingredients with the most superior formulations, but to take that to the next level with a high level of application support and the training necessary to disseminate that information to our customers so they get the most out of our products makes working for Seedcare so fantastic.

Tell us a little about yourself?

I grew up in a family of engineers. We used to play brain teasers for fun at family gatherings. That kind of thinking made me want to understand the inner workings of as much as I can. I found my interests piqued by the way living things organized themselves and the mechanisms that made life possible, so I went to school to study biochemistry.

I really enjoy being outdoors, whether that’s hunting or fishing, or just sitting at the campfire or on a boat at a lake. I also enjoy the sport of wrestling, though more frequently in observation now, which taught me the dedication and energy that I bring to all aspects of my life.

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