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Meet Jose Veiga

Jose Veiga

How long have you worked in the Syngenta Seedcare team?

I'm working totally dedicated to Seedcare the last 11 years, but we had some quick affairs before that, in my previous life with R&D…

Can you briefly describe your work in Seedcare?

I manage the Brazilian Seedcare Institute in Holambra. We support the Seedcare business, especially delivering the A (from application) and the S (from services) parts of our PAS strategy to the customers. Seed safety studies, recipe development, seed loading monitoring, training, demand creation, and other services that can add value to our customer´s business.

What excites you the most about working for Seedcare?

What gives me energy is the possibility to create real value and differentiation in the exciting Brazilian agriculture market. And this is the specialty of Syngenta Seedcare. The seed applied nematicides (first Avicta, then Clariva), the industrial treatment of seeds like soybean, wheat and rice, the industrial pre-inoculation of soybean seeds, the program to certificate seed companies with excellency in seed treatment, are some examples of technologies and services brought by us to the market, with real value for the most important player: the growers.

Tell us a little about yourself?

I'm a family man. I love spending time with my wife and my teenage daughter, and it can be taking care of the house, the garden and the dogs, helping in the kitchen, or travelling to some new adventurous place. When I need some time alone, I go out and run in the streets, listening to my favorite songs (Brazilian music and Classic Rock from the 70's, most of the time …) and trying to be prepared for the great challenge: the 42km marathon that I plan to run one of these days. My professional life is quite fast and intense, so I really like to have these re-fueling moments …

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