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VAYANTIS® is a new, systemic fungicide seed treatment developed to protect corn, soybean, canola, oilseed rape and cereal seedlings from the most important damping off disease caused by Pythium spp. In soybeans it also provides also excellent control of root and stem rot caused by Phytophthora sojae. It contains Picarbutrazox, a novel compound from a novel chemistry class called Tetrazoyloximes. The precise mode of action is still under investigation but novel compared to the current available oomycete chemistries. It has no known cross resistance to any other oomycete fungicide compounds and will play a key role in broadening integrated pest management strategies through multiple, effective
modes of action.


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VAYANTIS® contains Picarbutrazox which belongs to the novel chemical class of Tetrazoyloximes
Mode of
Under investigation but different from known oomycete chemistries
Portfolio Fit Enhances and complements the performance of APRON® XL (Mefenoxam), DYNASTY® (AmistarTechnology), MAXIM XL (Fludioxonil + Mefenoxam),
MAXIM QUATTRO (Fludioxonil + Thiabendazole + Amistar Technology + Mefenoxam), VIBRANCE CINCO (MAXIM QUATTRO + Sedaxane) and many others
Targets Damping off and seed decay diseases caused by many different species of Pythium; root and stem rot in soybeans caused by Phytophthora sojae
Symptoms  Seed and seedling rotting prior to emergence
 Die off of seedlings post-emergence
 Reduced root system
 Root and stem rot
Main crops  Corn, soybeans, canola and oilseed rape, cereals,others
Geography  VAYANTIS® will be registered globally to facilitate movement of treated seeds
Date of first launch  Q1 2020 in US followed by Canada H2 2020
and Main
 VAYANTIS® provides broadest spectrum of control against all relevant Pythium species, Controls Pythium spp. and Phytophthora sojae in soybeans
 Novel mode of action with no cross resistance to other oomycete products, Supports early planting and conservation tillage, Can be easily combined with other   products, VAYANTIS® allows for planting exibility, provides strong early establishment of the crop and protection to high value seeds