CLARIVA™ pn is a seed treatment nematicide that offers soybean growers revolutionary control of soybean cyst nematode (SCN). Through its active ingredient Pasteuria nishizawae, an obligate parasite of the nematode, CLARIVA™ pn delivers a direct mode of action that is lethal to SCN.

  • Provides season-long spore activity
  • Works under variable environmental conditions and is independent of soil pH, temperature and moisture
  • Viable from day one
  • Does not harm non-target organisms
  • Works across all known Heterodera glycines (HG) types
  • Complements crop rotation and resistant varieties
Additional brandsCLARIVA™ Elite Beans and CLARIVA™ pn
Active ingredientFrom day one, CLARIVA™ pn manages SCN through its active ingredient Pasteuria nishizawae, an endospore-forming bacterium that is a natural enemy to SCN. Pasteuria nishizawae offers immediate infection, stops SCN feeding and reproduction, ultimately killing the nematode
Mode of actionOnce treated seed is planted, P. nishizawae spores are released into the soil. The spores attach to the outer layer, or cuticle, of second-stage juvenile SCN as they pass through the soil. Once attached, the spores produce a germ tube that penetrates and infects the nematode’s interior body with cells of P. nishizawae. The internal proliferation of cells and sporulating structures of P. nishizawae reduce reproduction and lead to the expansion and death of the female nematode, and to the depletion of nutrients in the male nematode. As the remnants of the infected nematode decompose, the P. nishizawae spores are again released into the soil
TargetsCLARIVA™ pn will be recommended for application in combination with CRUISERMAXX® and VIBRANCE™ seed treatment products, not as a stand-alone seed treatment. The offering is called CLARIVA™ Elite Beans, a powerful seed treatment combination that provide growers with the most comprehensive pest protection against SCN, insects and diseases through the active ingredients P. nishizawae, thiamethoxam, mefenoxam and sedaxane. The broad spectrum of protection optimizes soybean root heath, improves emergence and enhances plant stands, and protects the genetic potential of high-value seed from day one
Main cropsSoybeans and sugarbeets
GeographyNorth and South America.
Date of first launch2013 in the USA.
Advantages and main benefitsCLARIVA™ Elite Beans:
Offers triple protection in the form of a nematicide, an insecticide and three fungicides. Provides protection from a broad-spectrum of early-season diseases, insects and season-long control of SCN. Promotes healthier roots; delivers better nutrient uptake and water usage and improves emergence, plant stand and vigor. Enhances agronomic practice of crop rotation, bolsters performance of resistant varieties and helps manage resistance. Excellent seed safety

CLARIVA™ is currently only registered for sale and use in the USA, Canada and Brazil. Please check with your local representative on the actual registration status.