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Seedcare Leadership Team

Michiel De Jongh

Michiel de Jongh

Head of Syngenta Seedcare
Based in Basel, Switzerland

Michiel holds an M.Sc. degree in Industrial Engineering & Management Science from Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands. While he grew up in the Netherlands, Michiel spent the last 15 years living abroad in Spain, the US, Argentina, Korea, Ukraine and Canada, working for a leading Fortune-500 agriculture company. During that time, he held a variety of roles, from Human Resources to Sales and Operations, and for the last eight years was heading businesses in a general management capacity. Earlier in his career, Michiel worked in business, consulting and in an entrepreneurial role as co-founder of a business incubator.

Michiel is passionate about modern agriculture and the role we play as an industry in feeding a growing population in a sustainable and cost-effective manner, with innovative products, applications and services.

“I am excited to join the Syngenta Seedcare family and to contribute to continuing its path to support growers around the globe. Our customers may expect me to support the Syngenta Seedcare team to continue its strong focus on delivering value to our customers, as is displayed through the Products-Application Services (PAS) concept, and to continue building on the great reputation Syngenta Seedcare has in the industry.”

Martin Farber

Martin Färber

Head Global Key Account Management and Commercial
Based in Basel, Switzerland

Martin was born and raised in Switzerland but has lived and worked abroad for many years (Africa, China, and Eastern Europe). He obtained degrees in Chemistry & Economics in Switzerland and in General Management at Harvard in the USA and joined the global Syngenta Seedcare team in 2005.

He is passionate about Seedcare because it allows him to develop agricultural markets, while enjoying cultural and people diversity. He enjoys sharing experiences, humor and teamwork.

During his free time Martin enjoys scuba diving, skiing, rollerblading, good food and wine.



Anja Pires

Anja Pires

Head Global Syngenta Seedcare Institute Network​
Based in Basel, Switzerland

Anja is originally from Germany but was born in Africa and has lived and worked in Asia for some years. She holds a PhD in Chemistry and joined Syngenta Seedcare in 2013. She became Global Head of the Syngenta Seedcare Institute Network in January 2016.

Anja is passionate about Seedcare because the team loves seeds and acts as a very cohesive family where everybody is extremely engaged. All colleagues push for the best outcome, never losing customer focus. This family spirit makes a true difference and makes Seedcare a great place to work.

​Anja loves photographing birds and frogs in remote locations, hot weather and cool water and is a passionate mountain-biker.

Palle Pedersen

Palle Pedersen

Head Global Product Management Syngenta Seedcare​
Based in Basel, Switzerland

Palle is originally from Denmark and was born into a farming family. He moved to the US in 1998 where he obtained his PhD in Agronomy at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and his international MBA at Duke University. He joined Syngenta Seedcare in 2010 and is passionate about it because:

  • Seeds are the most critical decision growers make every year. Protecting seeds’ genetic potential gives crops the best start, maximizing yield
  • How can you not be passionate about giving the grower peace of mind and relief around his investment in a crop
  • The Syngenta Seedcare pipeline looks incredible and will bring protection and yield benefits to a new level

In his free time he enjoys fishing, hunting, traveling, cooking and good wine.

Andree-Anne Couillard

Andree-Anne Couillard

Head Syngenta Seedcare Europe, Africa, Middle-East
Based in Basel, Switzerland

Andree-Anne is originally from Québec in Canada and holds a PhD in Agriculture. She joined the Syngenta Seedcare team in 2015 and became Head of Syngenta Seedcare EAME in 2016. Andree-Anne is passionate about Syngenta Seedcare for the following three reasons:

  • Our people and team spirit
  • Our clear and energizing Products, Application and Services strategy
  • And most importantly, our customers and the opportunities we have to develop tailored offers that will help optimize the value of their treated seeds

During her free time, Andrée-Anne enjoys the ocean, working out and cooking.

Ross Weikel

Ross Weikel

Head Syngenta Seedcare North America
Based in Greensboro, USA

Ross was born and raised in the United States. He has BS and PhD degrees in Chemical Engineering from NC State University and Georgia Institute of Technology respectively. Ross joined Syngenta in Switzerland in 2010 and has since moved to multiple locations in the United States and joined Syngenta Seedcare in 2018.

“It is exciting to be part of the market-leading business and a world-class team in Syngenta Seedcare. We continue to offer strong products, service, and expertise with ongoing investment to add to that leadership position. With these capabilities and customer-focused team, we have an exciting future in front of us.”

In his free time Ross enjoys travelling with his family and relaxing by the ocean.

Saad Haroon

Saad Haroon

Head of Syngenta Seedcare Asia Pacific
Based in Singapore

Saad is Singaporean, of Pakistan origin, and holds an MBA and BA in Economics and Math. He became Head of Syngenta Seedcare, Asia Pacific, in 2014 and is responsible for the business across Asia Pacific.

Saad has spent 13 years with Syngenta in various regional and global roles. He brings considerable knowledge of the agricultural businesses and markets in Asia.

Describing his passion for Syngenta Seedcare he says: “Bringing cutting-edge technology to growers in the most convenient way possible, while working with a close-knit and entrepreneurial team at a global organization is truly a unique and fulfilling experience.”


Emilhano Lima

Emilhano Lima

Head Syngenta Seedcare Latin America
Based in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Emilhano grew up on a farm in Brazil and got his passion for agriculture from his dad, who was a grower.

He studied agronomy and has 19 years of experience in sales and marketing across crop protection and seeds. He joined the Syngenta Seedcare team in 2016 and is passionate about Syngenta Seedcare because it is a “highly energetic and results-oriented team with strong customer relationships and high levels of innovation.”

In his free time, Emilhano likes fishing and barbequing Brazilian style.


Dieter Hofer

Dieter Hofer

Global Product Biology Syngenta Seedcare Lead
Based in Basel, Switzerland

Dieter is Swiss and began his career as a Research Scientist at Syngenta legacy company Ciba-Geigy, 30 years ago. He joined Syngenta Seedcare in 1997.

Dieter is passionate about Seedcare for a number of reasons. He says: “When I joined Syngenta Seedcare, it was a blue ocean playground. We were a small team with lots of innovative brains and a big vision to become Number One in seed treatment. All the functions worked together as one team, like a ‘family’. Today, Seedcare is an important Syngenta business with both an innovation and ‘family’ spirit that continues. This unique combination keeps me going.”

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