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Foundation seed treatment combining high performance with exceptional crop safety in extensive cereals. Unique dwarf bunt activity. DIVIDEND® shields wheat and barley from seedborne and soilborne fungi. It is a seed treatment that protects wheat and barley seeds from yield-robbing diseases such as bunt, smut, seedling blight and root rot.

Additional brands DIVIDEND® Extreme, DIVIDEND® Star, DIVIDEND® XL
Active ingredient The DIVIDEND® product family contains difenoconazole
Mode of action DIVIDEND® is a high-performance, broad spectrum seed treatment. It acts by preventing formation of ergosterol in fungous cells. As a result the growth and development of pathogenic fungi is rapidly and permanently halted
Targets Difenoconazole is used to control a broad spectrum of important seedborne and soilborne diseases and some early foliar pathogens of cereals, including Tilletia caries, Tilletia controversa, Rhizoctonia, Septoria, Fusarium, Ustilago and many others
Main crops Outstanding performance and crop safety has made DIVIDEND® the leading wheat seed treatment product in extensive cereals
Geography DIVIDEND® products are approved for use in countries around the world, including Canada, the U.S., Brazil, Argentina, Eastern Europe and South Africa or EU countries
Date of first launch 1992
Advantages and main benefits Outstanding efficacy against major cereal seedborne and soilborne diseases. Unique activity against dwarf bunt in wheat. Excellent crop safety. Range of mixture products to target specific disease problems and growing conditions