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MAXIM® brands are optimized and developed for use in crops, such as maize, soybeans, cotton and potatoes.

Fludioxonil is the only molecule of this chemical class and is used as a seed treatment on various crops, such as maize (corn), soybean, potato or cotton. Fludioxonil is a contact fungicide that penetrates the seed surface and concentrates around the seed, thus providing a long-lasting protection zone around the young seedling. Its excellent crop safety combined with exceptional activity at a low use rate against targeted fungi, such as snow mold, seedborne and soilborne Fusarium, seedling blights or bunts, make fludioxonil a leading seed treatment molecule.

Additional brands MAXIM® XL, MAXIM® 100, MAXIM® Quattro, MAXIM® Advanced, INFLUX® XL and CELEST® XL
Active ingredient The MAXIM® product family contains the broad-spectrum seed treatment fungicide fludioxonil as its active ingredient. Fludioxonil belongs to the chemical class of phenylpyrazoles
Mode of action Broad activity with unique mode of action. Interferes with protein kinase in fungal cells interacting at various points in the life cycle of the fungus
Targets MAXIM® XL, a combination of fludioxonil with mefenoxam in corn
MAXIM® 100 FS controls Rhizoctonia solani, Fusarium or Helminthosporium in potato
MAXIM® QUATTRO, used on maize, is a mixture of four active ingredients providing four different modes of action including improved Pythium and Rhizoctonia activity and control of Fusarium verticillioides
Main crops Corn, soybean, potato, cotton, sunflower and vegetables
Geography Registered in multiple countries worldwide and use of straight or primarily mixture products
Date of first launch 1993
Advantages and main benefits MAXIM® stands for a modern seed treatment that protects the genetic potential of high-value seeds. Excellent seed safety combined with broad spectrum, reliable disease control for an optimum start of the crop. Good formulation properties and compatibility with binders, colorants and other service products. Range of global products optimized to meet local crop and customer needs