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Keep dust-off out of the fields, and out of the headlines

SeedWorld Dust-Off seminar

As the importance of treating seed continues to rise, so do efforts to minimize dust-off. Crop protectant companies run a number of tests to make sure what they apply to the seed stays on the seed. And seed testing companies put their products to the test. Furthermore, equipment manufacturers are making design adjustments to help address the issue.

During this webinar organized by SeedWorld, you will learn:

  • How seed treatment dust-off is tested for and measured
  • Why rigorous testing protocols are important at the R&D stage, as well as post commercialization
  • Who is concerned and why

Amanda Ver Helst, SGS Laboratory Research Manager, RGT

Bruno Sornin, Syngenta Global Lead for Seedcare Stewardship
Justin Clark, BASF Technical Marketing Manager

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Important: Use seed treatment products safely. Always read the label and product information before use. Referenced products are registered for use in certain countries and national label instructions have to be read and followed; please check with your local regulatory authority for further information.