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AVICTA® is a broad spectrum seed treatment Nematicide used in corn, soybeans and cotton production.

AVICTA® is the proven Seed Treatment Nematicide world-wide for use in corn, soybeans and cotton production. AVICTA® works from the moment the seeds are planted to provide growers with instant, convenient and reliable protection of their crops against a wide spectrum of yield-robbing nematodes.

Active ingredient The AVICTA® product family contains the broad-spectrum seed treatment nematicide abamectin as its active ingredient. Abamectin belongs to the Avermectin chemical class and has high intrinsic activity against nematodes
Mode of action AVICTA® (Abamectin) belongs to the chemical class Avermectins with the mode of action as a Glutamate Receptor Agonist (GABA) with a nerve and muscle action on the nematodes feeding on the roots. AVICTA® moves alongside the growing roots after released from the seed coat and thereby protecting young seedlings from nematodes attacking th evital root system. 
Targets AVICTA® is commercialized as AVICTA® Complete brand offers – delivering multi-pest protection in combination with CRUISER® seed treatment insecticide and Syngenta premium fungicide seed treatments (fludioxonil, mefenoxam, azoxystrobin, thiabendazole and sedaxane), in customized ratios for each crop. AVICTA® Complete offers unique seed-delivered protection against nematodes, insects and diseases, mazimizing profitability in corn, soybeans and cotton
Main crops Cotton: ‘AVICTA® Complete Cotton’
Has protected more than 15 million hectares of cotton in the USA and Brazil since its introduction in 2006
Corn: ‘AVICTA® Complete Corn’
Successfully introduced in 2010, setting the standard in seed-delivered nematode control in corn
Soybean: ‘AVICTA® Complete Beans’
First launch in 2011, taking seed-applied seed treatments to a complete new level
Geography USA, Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, South Africa, RSA
Date of first launch 2006
Advantages and main benefits AVICTA® Complete brand offers provide triple protection against nematodes, early-season insects and disease - it is immediate, consistent and reliable. Protects the investment and value of traits and genetics during the plant’s most vulnerable stage. Consistently delivers significant return on investment for the grower.


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