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Stress Management

New Seedcare stress management and crop enhancement solutions for the industrial market.

In combination with current Seedcare solutions, the EPIVIO™ family of products brings innovation to the growing category of stress management and crop enhancement and consistently demonstrates improved plant growth and establishment

1. Enables stronger plant growth

The EPIVIO™ family helps seedlings get the most from the soil, enabling recovery from stresses and stimulating early plant vigor and growth.As strong seedlings grow, these young plants in return provide nutrients to the soil microflora, initiating a natural symbiotic cycle centered around the rhizosphere.This cycle benefits both the plant and the surrounding soil and, ultimately, contributes to yield potential.

2. Works together with other Seedcare products
Syngenta ensures that EPIVIO™ products are compatible and mixable with other Seedcare offers. These innovative solutions with EPIVIO™ improve conditions for seedling growth while addressing difficult-to-control pathogens, insects and nematodes, resulting in stronger plants. Tested on local varieties, with their specific soil and climate conditions, the EPIVIO™ family of products consistently demonstrates improved plant growth and establishment, which benefits yield.

3. Acts as intended: stable with excellent seed safety
The easy to apply, industrial formulations activate once the seed is planted in soil – and are especially effective under stress conditions. The EPIVIO™ family complements the Syngenta Seedcare portfolio.


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IMPORTANT: Use seed treatment products safely. Always read the label and product information before use. Make sure that you follow the label instructions and comply with all applicable laws and regulations relating to the use of the products.

Not all products are registered in all countries/states; please contact your local Syngenta representative for further information. Before using any seed treatment product, be sure that it is registered for use in your country/state.

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