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FORTENZA® is a next-generation seed treatment insecticide that delivers long-lasting insect control both above and below the ground.

FORTENZA® Duo is a next-generation seed treatment insecticide that delivers long-lasting insect control both above and below the ground.

This convenient and flexible solution delivers superior results in a variety of climatic conditions – even under high pest pressure. It is designed to optimize the grower's pest control experience, offering best-in-class early season insect protection while promoting improved crop establishment, leading to better yields.

FORTENZA® Duo can be applied in both transgenic and conventional crops with excellent benefits in both cases.

Additional brands FORTENZA®
Active ingredient The FORTENZA® product family contains cyantraniliprole* a Group 28 insecticide, belonging to the diamide class of insecticides
Mode of action FORTENZA® (Cyantraniliprole) belongs to the chemical class diamides. It is a promising insecticide due to its unique mode of action in activating muscle ryanodine receptors, causing contraction and paralysis of some pests. A ryanodine receptor agonist, it is used as insecticide for the control of particulary lepidopteran pests and soil pests when applied as a seed treatment. Insects are controlled mainly by ingestion but some contact activity can also be observed. FORTENZA® provides excellent crop protection resulting from a rapid feeding inhibition and long lasting residual effect.   
Targets FORTENZA® is commercialized as FORTENZA® Duo brand offers, delivering the best-in-class early season insect spectrum in combination with CRUISER®. FORTENZA® will also be available in combination with Syngenta premium fungicide seed treatments in customized ratios for each crop and as part of the Syngenta Complete offers, such as AVICTA® Complete offers of separately registered products
Main crops FORTENZA® Duo is available for the following crops: corn, soya, canola/oil-seed rape, sunflower, rice and cotton. Additional crops are expected in the future
Geography FORTENZA® products family are approved in Argentina, Belize, Brazil, Canada, China, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Mexico, Paraguay, Turkey, USA. Future registrations will include: India, Thailand, Myanmar, Uruguay and other countries: South Africa, Colombia, Bolivia, Philippines, Ecuador, Japan, Vietnam
Date of first launch 2014
Advantages and main benefits Best-in-class early-season insect control, both above and below the ground. Long-lasting residual effect. Dual mode of action with no known cross-resistance. Strong root uptake and highly systemic in the xylem. Complements insect traits and improves yield potential. Help manage insect resistance to chemicals and GM traits. Robust database of more than 1,000 seed treatment field trials across the globe. Liquid formulations that are specifically designed for seed treatment. Safe to seeds, rhizobium, selective for beneficial arthropods. Efficient movement around and within the plant. Designed to be compatible with the Syngenta Seedcare portfolio of products. Maximizes return on investment via excellent crop establishment, resulting in greater yield potential.

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