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VISIVIO™ seed treatment is a combination of the insecticides thiamethoxam and sulfoxaflor and the fungicides difenoconazole, metalaxyl-M, fludioxonil and sedaxane. VISIVIO™ is registered in canola, rapeseed and oilseed mustard and controls insects including striped and crucifer flea beetles, and diseases such as seed-borne blackleg, seed-borne Alternaria, and the seedling disease complex (damping-off, seedling blight, seed rot and root rot) caused by Pythium spp., Fusarium spp. as well as offers best in class Rhizoctonia protection.

Active ingredient Sulfoxaflor*, thiamethoxam, difenoconazole, metalaxyl-M, fludioxonil and sedaxane
Mode of action VISIVIO™ contains the active ingredients sulfoxaflor, thiamethoxam, difenoconazole, metalaxyl-M, sedaxane and fludioxonil. This product controls a broad spectrum of seed and soil-borne diseases as well as early-season insects through multiple modes of action
Crops Canola; Oilseed Mustard; Rapeseed
Geography Canada
Date of first launch Fall 2016
Advantages and main benefits Offers enhanced early-season protection from both striped and crucifer flea beetles. Helps keep insect threshold levels low and gives growers the opportunity to save time and potentially spraying during a very busy time. Four fungicides and two powerful insecticides deliver stronger roots that take full advantage of soil nutrients and can better defend against soil diseases. Industry-leading, broad-spectrum pest control that includes Rhizoctonia and flea beetles. Quick-acting, long lasting protection with proven seed safety. Earlier flowering and pod set. Consistent performance under a wide range of growing conditions. Combined systemic movement with ideal soil mobility

*VISIVIO™ contains sulfoxaflor which is licensed from Dow AgroSciences