What is Apron® XL?Apron XL is a modern systemic seed treatment fungicide. Apron XL is specially developed for seed treatment and contains 35% mefenoxam, the biologically most active isomer of the compound metalaxyl. Apron XL is a blank formulation, meaning that the colour can be adjusted using polymers. The product is supplied in units of 20 and 200 litres.

What does Apron® XL do?Apron XL controls seed and soil-borne fungi and downy mildew. The product is quickly absorbed by the seed and spreads through the plant after germination. This protects the seed and the seedling at an early stage, resulting in a fast development and a uniform crop. Apron XL is effective in both damp, colder conditions that are ideal for Pythium, and warmer, humid conditions ideal for Phytophthora and downy mildew. For a good result, it is important that the product is evenly…

General properties of Apron® XL

  • Highly concentrated: little product required
  • Good mixability
  • Mixable with polymers for excellent colouring

Advantages for adopters

Apron XL is a highly concentrated water-based formulation for industrial use. This formulation reduces the amount of product to be transported, the storage space required and the used packaging to be rinsed. The product mixes easily with other products and water.

General properties of Apron® XL

  • Systemic: effective absorption by the plant
  • Insensitive to weather conditions
  • Small quantity of active ingredient per hectare: less environmental impact
  • Controls a range of soil and seed-borne fungi

Advantages for growers

Apron® XL contributes to a healthy growth onset by effectively controlling various soil and seed-borne fungi with a small quantity of active ingredient, so it has a very limited environmental impact.

Metalaxyl-M & ResistanceExperience shows that some strains of fungus may develop resistance to the fungicide Metalaxyl-M and other phenylamides. APRON® XL (+/- MAXIM® 480FS) treated seeds in fields with a history of intensive use of phenylamides in foliar and drench applications can show severe emergence issues because of insufficient control of Pythium spp. by Metalaxyl-M. This paper provides guidance on a resistance management strategy. It covers agronomic and use recommendations for phenylamides in order to limit resistance development. Its objective is to...