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  • Recipe Development

    High quality seeds deserve a high performance seed treatment

  • Quality Assessment and Engineering

    Seed treatment equipment is key to reach the best possible application quality

  • Stewardship

    We keep stewardship central to everything we do

  • Training

    We offer basic to specialized modules, depending on your needs

  • Seed safety and biology

    All Seedcare products go through rigorous testing to assess their seed safety before they reach the market

  • Product marketing support

    Seeing is believing, converting technical data for practical marketing purposes

Core Function

Our Training function is devoted to the cross-transfer of knowledge and education for our customers. This ensures that what we deliver in any other function is well understood by customers and so becomes easy to apply. We focus on delivering customer training in a broad and diverse range of areas. These range from marketing and sales to agronomy, application, biology and other areas that help build a deep understanding of seed treatment and related activities. And depending upon crops and specific market challenges, we offer tailored training sessions for customers with our experts often delivering off-site training to reach as large an audience as possible. We are also currently developing online access to training tools where beneficial.

What we do

  • Pre-season applicators training
  • Advanced or multi-level training
  • Seedcare universities and academies
  • Customized training on- or off-site

How customers benefit

  • Efficiency is boosted with a pre-season refresh or introduction for newcomers
  • Site managers and decision-makers can better plan investment and development for their seed treatment business
  • Knowledge shared with a broad audience to help them gain a full picture of in-season key offers
  • A focus on key crops and process improvements tailored to the customer’s specific situation

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Important: Use seed treatment products safely. Always read the label and product information before use. Referenced products are registered for use in certain countries and national label instructions have to be read and followed; please check with your local regulatory authority for further information.