Root Health




Other resources

  • Global Root Health Network, a group hosted by Syngenta on LinkedIn for the scientific community
  • Plant Health International
    This website is founded and maintained by Dean and Professor Emeritus Cook, drawing on his nearly 50 years of leadership and experience in agricultural research and education as a plant pathologist in government and academia.
  • VIBRANCE® World Magazine
    An internal magazine for Syngenta employees working in and with VIBRANCE® teams worldwide. Twice a year, it showcases people, teams and milestones that shape VIBRANCE success.

                1.   October 2014 – Issue 1

                2.   March 2015 – Issue 2

                3.   October 2015 – Issue 3

                4.   March 2016 – Issue 4

                5.   September 2016 – Issue 5