Marketing support

Product marketing support
Product marketing support

Core Function

Our revolutionary products often have invisible effects. In Product Marketing Support, we help our customers see what the naked eye never can. We develop and offer tools that give a powerful, tangible and highly visual demonstration of how our products work in the rhizosphere, considering everything from the seeds and treatment to soil composition, structure, and living organisms. The tools we use include Rhizotrone Technology, root-scanning technology, thermogradient table videos, time lapse videos, and the newest technology of all, 3D/360° visualization.

Because we know that seeing is believing, these important tools are also available as part of a co-marketing approach with our customers. Being able to work with customers and the wide range of technologies they use is important to us, and so we collaborate with them to differentiate and understand the effects of each component and the true value they add to both their own business and that of their customers.

What we do

  • Easy to understand technical data 
  • Innovative showcasing using live materials and the latest digital technology

How customers benefit​

  • Demand generation for your treated seeds 
  • Tools to visualize the benefits of seed treatment to growers 


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