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  • Recipe Development

    High quality seeds deserve a high performance seed treatment

  • Quality Assessment and Engineering

    Seed treatment equipment is key to reach the best possible application quality

  • Stewardship

    We keep stewardship central to everything we do

  • Training

    We offer basic to specialized modules, depending on your needs

  • Seed safety and biology

    All Seedcare products go through rigorous testing to assess their seed safety before they reach the market

  • Product marketing support

    Seeing is believing, converting technical data for practical marketing purposes

Core Function

Stewardship can be a broad topic. We take a holistic approach to deliver real and tangible benefits to customers and growers. This means we focus our core activities in this function on the conditions and ways in which our customers use our products around the globe. We have established programs, using a modular approach, that can be adapted and used directly according to local needs. Examples of this include the highly successful TakeCare Stewardship program in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Building on this approach we also support industry-wide programs to reinforce the safe use of products at any level of the chain, such as ESTA (European Seed Treatment Assurance) or via the ASTA (American Seed Trade Association) seed treatment working group. This work extends to our active efforts in programs to support beneficial insects, such as Operation Pollinator.

What we do

  • Seed treatment site assessment (including health, safety, environment, hygiene, efficiency and so on)
  • Product-specific certification programs
  • Assistance for proper handling of waste management (empty containers, dust, etc)
  • Support for site certification standards setting and implementation

How customers benefit

  • Identify key positives and improvement points regarding employee working conditions and operational efficiency opportunities
  • Continuous use of seed treatment technologies in compliance with label requirements
  • Ease of product use and peace of mind
  • Practical and smooth implementation of new regulations and rules

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Application Support and continuous process improvement are key services provided by Seedcare Institute experts

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Good products, recipe components and process parameters control are a gauge for end seed product quality

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Important: Use seed treatment products safely. Always read the label and product information before use. Referenced products are registered for use in certain countries and national label instructions have to be read and followed; please check with your local regulatory authority for further information.