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Recipe development and Quality Assessment

Core Function

Our experts in recipe development focus on the compatibility of products in combination, shelf life and customization to meet local crop needs, seed types, and the specific requirements of customers. Syngenta is a global leader in formulation science and since good formulations set the foundations of a successful recipe we guarantee optimal performance of base recipes across the market. We also work on improving differentiated additives to be combined with those solutions.

What we do

  • Customize recipes by adapting to local customer needs and specific season
  • Benchmark and drive development of additive technologies with our partners
  • Develop and innovate through online recipe platforms
  • Provide a process for new products development and introduction
  • Develop data on long-term stability of complex mixtures, including chemicals, biologicals, additives and others
  • On-site recipe scale-up and introduction


How customers benefit  

  • The value of tailored recipe additives is extracted and can act as a specific market differentiator
  • Access to the most advanced technologies for optimal recipe performance
  • Access to a recipe tool 24/7 with in-season live updates
  • Tests across all areas of the process, including impact on biologicals performance
  • Full potential of the product can be extracted by ensuring long-term product integrity
  • We support any tested solution to ensure it works on your operation and is adapted to key needs.

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Recipe development polymers icon


Holding the active ingredient to the seed, reducing dust, increasing flowability, improving visual appearance/coverage etc

Recipe development finishing icon


Increasing flowability, improving visual appearance

Recipe development colourants icon


Differentiates brands, crops, products and improves appearance and cosmetics

Recipe development water icon


Depends on crop, process, installation, environmental condition