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Systemic activity at ultralow application rates. In fungal cells it interferes selectively with the synthesis of ribosomal DNA, thus inhibiting mycelial growth and pore formation.

Additional brands WAKIL® XL is the premium product for the pea market and APRONMAXX® is a major innovation for soybean growers. APRON® Star® is a great product for smallholders
Active ingredient The active ingredient in APRON® XL is mefenoxam (ISO-name: metalaxyl-M)
Mode of action APRON®  (Mefenoxam) has excellent systemic activity at very low application rates. It belongs to phenylamides (PA) fungicides.  It inhibits rRNA biosynthesis (polymerase complex I) in the target pathogens, thus inhibiting mycelial growth and spore formation.
Targets Seed and soil-borne diseases caused by fungi such as Pythium, Phytophthora, Peronospora, Plasmopara and other downy mildews
Main crops Cotton, sunflowers, peas, beans, corn and soybeans
Geography APRON® XL has a very broad registration in all major agricultural markets on a wide range of crops. Key markets are cotton and sunflowers worldwide, tropical corn for downy mildew control in APAC, peas in Western Europe (WAKIL® XL) and soybeans in the Americas (APRONMAXX®). Registration in a variety of countries helps enable free movement of treated seeds
Date of first launch Launched in all key markets between 1999 and 2002
Advantages and main benefits Outstanding activity against Pythium damping off and early downy mildew infections: fast and uniform crop establishment, excellent crop safety and flexible in terms of application rates and tank-mix compatibility to adopt to disease and pest situations. Favorable toxicology profile – APRON® XL has a very low use rate







Tropical corn

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