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PLENARIS™ uses the most advanced seed applied technology, and is the latest addition to the most comprehensive seed treatment portfolio in the industry. Syngenta Seedcare contributes to sustainable downy mildew resistance management which combines multiple modes of action with the best genetics. PLENARIS™ has a new mode of action and controls all races of the genetically variable pathogen, Plasmopara halstedii.

Active ingredient PLENARIS™ contains Oxathiapiprolin* which belongs to the novel chemical group of piperidinyl-thiazole—isoxazolines inhibiting the oxysterol binding homologue (FRAC Code List ©*2017)
Mode of action MAXIM®/CELEST® (Fludioxonil) has a unique mode of action. It belongs to the Phenylpyrrole chemical group, and inhibits a protein kinase involved in a regulatory step of cell metabolism. It is a contact fungicide which inhibits spore germination and germ tube growth.
Symptoms Initially, symptoms of the primary infection are observed in seedling damping-off. If infected plants survive, they will appear stunted and chlorotic mottling is observed on the leaves. Primary infection contributes to economic loss due to the reduction in stand and the development of unproductive heads. If left untreated, the downy mildew will produce zoosporangia, which contributes to secondary infection and survival of the pathogen long-term
Targets Downy mildew on sunflower
Main crops Sunflower
Geography PLENARIS™ is registered on sunflowers in the United States, Argentina and Canada. Future registrations will include EU-28 (e.g. France, Spain, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Germany, Switzerland), Turkey, Serbia, Russia, Ukraine and other sunflower producing countries.
Date of first launch United States 2017
Advantages and main benefits Highly active against all races of the pathogen Plasmopara halstedii. Contact and moderate systemic fungicide. New mode of action. Effective downy mildew control, including the control of APRON® resistant strains. Liquid formulation. Long lasting activity for efficient seedling protection. Proven disease control. Resistance management tool. Consistency in all conditions. Confidence and security in control. COMPLEMENTS GENETIC RESISTANCE


Tropical corn

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