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DYNASTY® is an innovative, systemic seed treatment fungicide, with particular strengths against a broad range of damping-off and seedling blight diseases.

Additional brands DYNASTY® 100FS, DYNASTY CST® and DYNASTY® PD
Active ingredient The DYNASTY® product family contains azoxystrobin
Mode of action DYNASTY® (Azoxystrobin) is a high-performance systemic seed treatment product that controls important seedborne and soilborne diseases and adds a different mode of action to the Syngenta Seedcare portfolio. It belongs to the strobilurin fungicides (QoI - Quinone Outside Inhibitors). It binds at the quinol outer binding site of the cytochrome b-c1 complex which act by inhibiting mitochondrial respiration in fungi, stopping their energy supply.
Targets Azoxystrobin is used to control a broad spectrum of seed and seedling diseases, including Rhizoctonia seedling blight, Pythium damping-off, FusariumAspergillus and others
Main crops Corn, cotton, peanuts and soybean
Geography DYNASTY® products are approved for use in U.S., Canada, Argentina and Australia
Date of first launch 1993
Advantages and main benefits Novel, systemic mode of action in seed treatment. Activity on all four fungal groups - Deuteromycetes, Oomycetes, Ascomycetes and Basidiomycetes. Improved control of Rhizoctonia - a hidden threat for many crops. Complementary activity to fludioxonil and mefenoxam through enhanced performance against Pythium species and other important soilborne diseases



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