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MAXIM® and CELEST® brands are optimized and developed for use across many crops globally. They have a unique MoA and are the market standard for Fusarium control.

Unique mode of action with broad spectrum seed and soil borne disease control securing uniform, healthy crop establishment as foundation for yield and quality in small grain cereals.

The CELEST® product family contains the broad-spectrum seed treatment fungicide fludioxonil as its active ingredient. Fludioxonil is a contact fungicide that penetrates the seed surface and concentrates around the seed, thus providing a long-lasting protection zone around the young seedling. Its excellent crop safety combined with exceptional activity at low use rates against fungi – such as snow mold, seedborne and soilborne Fusarium, seedling blights or bunts – make fludioxonil a leading seed treatment molecule.

Additional brands CELEST® Extra, CELEST® Trio, CELEST®  Top, CELEST® Orge net, BERET® Gold, LANDOR® CT, AUSTRAL® Plus
Active ingredient The CELEST® product family contains broad-spectrum fludioxonil which belongs to the chemical class of phenylpyrroles. Fludioxonil is the only molecule of this chemical class and is used as a seed treatment on various crops, such as cereals
Mode of action MAXIM®/CELEST® (Fludioxonil) has a unique mode of action. It belongs to the Phenylpyrrole chemical group, and inhibits a protein kinase involved in a regulatory step of cell metabolism. It is a contact fungicide which inhibits spore germination and germ tube growth.
Targets CELEST® offers the best available control of Microdochium nivale and Fusarium, two major seedling diseases in cereals, as well as excellent control of other seed borne diseases such as bunt and Septoria
Main crops CELEST® is applied to wheat, barley, rye, oats or triticale
Geography CELEST® is most commonly used in European cereals. The active ingredient has registrations in many crops worldwide and is also used in numerous combination products
Date of first launch 1993
Advantages and main benefits The best available control of MicrodochiumFusarium and bunts resulting in better crop establishment and overwintering and building the foundation for yield and quality. Unique mode of action and ideal partner for sustainable disease control via seed treatment. High intrinsic activity and low use rate with favorable regulatory profile. High quality formulations optimized for cereals with low dust off and excellent handling properties








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IMPORTANT: Use seed treatment products safely. Always read the label and product information before use. Make sure that you follow the label instructions and comply with all applicable laws and regulations relating to the use of the products.

Not all products are registered in all countries/states; please contact your local Syngenta representative for further information. Before using any seed treatment product, be sure that it is registered for use in your country/state.

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